Maximizing Engagement, Loyalty and Growth.

Mobile App


Mock up screens of the e-Rewards app.

e-Rewards mobile app design


Dynata is a global research company that collects first-party data through market research and provides insights on market trends to its customers.

My Role

I was the principal designer of the mobile app interface.

The Team

Derek Mordarski, Joseph Parker
Amisha Shastri

Kyle Chubb

Art director
Breanna Clemens


We needed to drive engagement and grow our target audience.

Dynata faced a shortage of respondents in two key areas to fill client projects; 18-24-year-olds and business professionals. The business has two apps in the app store currently (QuickThoughts and iPoll).

We came to the conclusion that an app alternative for the website e-Rewards would help fill the business professional shortage. We believed since these demographics are predominantly on their mobile device, they would be more willing to participate on an app.

The mobile app opened up opportunities for location-based surveys which would give these respondents more opportunities to earn rewards. It also brought alignment and stronger brand recognition between the web and mobile platform.

THE Full story

Creating a seamless transition from web to a mobile platforms.

In order to enhance the user experiences and meet business objectives we crafted a mobile app to mirror the functionality of the existing e-Rewards website.

We focused on key touch points that were pivotal to our users' interactions: the dashboard, the reward center, profiling, and badges. These touch points served as the cornerstone to delivering a cohesive, user-centric experience for our target audience.

The dashboard

Building a dashboard with user needs in mind.

Three dashboard screens from the e-rewards app showcasing the tile designs and modal design.

The dashboard is the hub for user activity and account information.

The main issue I found with the web version is that the user had to dig through multiple menus to find information about their account.

When creating the app, I felt the user needed to quickly see the main details: their balance, their profile completion, and their achievement level. Tracking these three categories would drive the user to take a survey.  

Promotional information was not given screen real estate. This was a conscious decision in order to keep the focus on the surveys. Thinking about our users, I felt it was important that they be able to quickly jump into an earning opportunity. This is also the reason behind a horizontal scroll versus a vertical scroll as on the web version.

Since the mobile app opened up more earning opportunities for users, new tiles were designed.

Arrangement of app tiles.

The tiles visually communicate important pieces of information like time and money. The earning opportunities also have their own look and feel making them easy to recognize when scrolling through a large amount of tiles.

The Reward Center

Crafting a reward center that allows users to cash out with minimal effort.

Three screens form the reward center of the e-Rewards app showcasing from left to right the rewards wall, the checkout modal, and the order review.

It’s important that our users be able to cash out quickly.

The rewards tiles were made smaller and put into 2 columns, making it easier to see multiple rewards. For the mobile version, I moved the rewards balance to the bottom of the screen and made it stand out visually by increasing its size.


Simplifying profile screens to allow users to input their details efficiently.

Three screens from the profiling section of the e-Rewards app showcasing the profile wall, a dropdown questions, and a radio group question.

Profiling is one of the most important aspects of our business. If we don’t know enough about you, we can’t offer you earning opportunities.

I felt that it was important to keep this screen simple to understand and easy to navigate. I found on the web version that the user would select a profiling category and then scroll to the bottom of the page to answer.

For mobile, I changed this to be a horizontal scroll and created a tile for each profiling category. The tile would then kick off a profiling flow. This kept the experience from being too overwhelming and more intuitive to use.


Bringing in fun and excitement to the survey experience with badges.

Three screens form the achievement section of the e-Rewards app featuring a success modal, badge screen collapsed, and badge screen expanded.

Integrating gamification and badges into the app is seen as highly valuable for enhancing the survey experience.

Gamification improved the overall user experience by making it more interactive, resulting in increased user retention.

What we achieved

Elevated Brand Recognition

The alignment between our mobile app with the website fostered a stronger and more memorable brand presence in users minds.

Expanded Survey Participation

With a consistent and user-friendly experience across platforms, users were more inclined to complete surveys, providing us with valuable insights and enhancing our ability to tailor our offerings to their preferences.